Where to start and what to do ?
  1. I want to know how to sign up and create a free account ?
  2. I want to know how to create and manage my Profile ?
  3. I want to know how to create and manage my Porfolio ?
  4. I want to know how to show up and be able to be found on ?speakerton
  5. I want to know how I can book or get in contact with someone
1. Create an account

How to sign up and create an account on speakerton.com

  1. First of all welcome to our platform for speakers,trainers, hosts and event planners.
  2. Secondly, good to know is that an account on speakerton.com is free

There are 3 simple steps you have to do to create an account on speakerton.com

Step 1: Click on Register
Step 2: Fill in your desired username and email adress
Step 3: Check your email

Congratulations ! You are all done and created an account on speakerton You are able to get more exposure as speaker, trainer or host !


If you want to be able to be found on the platform. You will need a profile that has a picture and a description about – Who am I – and – Why Me – and at least 1 product in your portfolio. Only then you will show up in the search results.

2. Manage my Profile

Read all about how to setup your first profile. When you are done. Your profile page looks something like this:

The account menu

When you created an account you are able to login on the speakerton platform. If you do so you will be landing on the account page with 2 options in the menu. One being – my product – and the other – Profile –

If you click the – Profile – menu options you will be able to manage and create a profile that suits you.

The manage profile option

We have created an easy way to create a nice profile to show others who you are, what you do and why they have to pick you for their next event !

The create profile screen 1/2

The fields:

  1. Username – This is a field you can not edit. This is your Username to login on the platform
  2. First name – This field is used for your first name. It will be shown on the products on your portfolio and on you profile page
  3. Last name – The field for your last name. It will be shown on the products on your portfolio and on you profile page
  4. Email – Your email adres you registered with on the platform of speakerton. It will be shown on the products on your portfolio and on you profile page. Also if people want to get in in contact with you this is the emailadres used for that kind of communication
  5. Website – You can create a link to your website. It will be shown on your portfolio and on you profile page.
  6. New Password – You can use this to generate a new password. Make sure you update your Profile with the – Update – Button. Or else it wont work.
  7. Session – Clicking this button wil log you out everywhere you ever logged in.
  8. Title – Your title you want people to see on you profile page on speakerton
  9. Region – The region you live in. Will be shown on your profile page
  10. Country – The country you live in. Will be shown on your profile page
  11. Avatar – This will give you the ability to upload a picture you want to use on you profile page. For instance a picture of yourself
  12. Who am I – You can give a nice description of yourself so others can read who you are.
The create profile screen 2/2

More fields:

  1. Why me ? – Why would people hire,book or contact you ? Your unique selling points could be entered here.
  2. Gallery – Here you can upload multiple pictures that showcase what you do
  3. Youtube video – Have any nice and cool video’s on youtube that are about you or your products. You can link them here.
Mapping of the fields to your profile

The Who am I Field

The Why me Field

The Youtube and Gallery options will be shown here

Update or Save Draft

Make sure that if you create or update your profile you use the Update profile button for any change you made to show up on the platform.

3. Portfolio

On speakerton you will be able to manage your very own porfolio. This porfolio can contain a number of products or services you have to offer. Think of talks, workshops, training, courses, presentations and so on !

If you have setup a nice profile, people can read who you are and what you stand for. But that’s not all. At speakerton we want you to be able to showcase your products and services you want to offer. At the portolio option in the menu you can start adding these products and services of your very own. This is what makes speakerton unique !

When you are done it looks something like this:

A fully created porfolio
The – My Porfolio – overview

Start adding a new product simply by clicking the Red – New Product – button in the top right.

Add a new Product
The add a new product screen
The main fields
  • Title – Enter a nice title for your product/service. That uniquely and best describes what you want to offer.
  • Description – Describe what the product/service is all about. So people know what it is.
The Option fields

Type – You can choose the type of product or service you offer. Think off: Talks, Workshops, Exams, Keynotes, etc, etc.

Type of product/service options

Category – The category you think it belongs

Type of category options

Medium – The medium you think it belongs

Type of Medium options
The informative fields

Here you can provide important information about you products/services. Like Duration, Max attendees and Pricing.

  1. Time duration – you can enter a number corresponig with the next field – Time Period
  2. Time period – in minutes / hours / days
  3. Max attendees – You can adress a maximum of attendees for the product/service
  4. Pricing – You can use the Price and Price options to show how much it costst or that it is free.
Add a gallery.

If you want you product/service stand out. Use a picture or two. With the gallery option.

Finish !

Once you are done with adding all the information, have a nice description, pricing and added some nice pictures. You have two options.

  1. Save as draft – Will save your work, but it wont show up
  2. Publish – Will save your work and publish it so it will show up

4. Show up and Be found on speakerton

After you have created an account setup an profile and added at leas 1 product to your portfolio you will show up on the platform and can be found in the search result.

5. How to book or get in contact ?

When you have found a nice workshops, training, keynote or talk. Click on the product and then on contact and the bar will unfold into something like this:

Clicking Contact

You now can contact the person who added the product/service by email ( totally free of charge).