Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Speakerton exist?
  • First and foremost, Speakerton is there for the professionals, experts and enthusiast. It’s there for the people who want to share their knowledge and passion to inspire others and who are looking for an audience. You don’t have to be a professional public speaker. That’s just one way to tell your story. Speakerton is there for people who want to share their story. For example through workshops, (serious) games, simulations, training, telling a story, inspiration sessions, a hackathon, etc.
  • Secondly, Speakerton enables others to search and find these showcases online. This way, they can create a solid line-up for their event with authentic people with authentic stories in line with their audience or target group.
  • Speakerton is created so public speakers, professionals, hosts, etc. and event organizers can find each other and make great things happen.
Do i have to be a professionals public speaker ?

No, you don’t.

  • No, you don’t. You have unique knowledge and experiences, which can help you to teach and inspire others around you. Some are lucky to be born with the gift of speaking in public, but most of us aren’t. We have to learn, but where to start? It’s hard to find the right audience or get in contact with people who organise events. Speakerton is there to help you. It gives you the opportunity to create more exposure, get in contact with others and get an audience that fits your level. We all have to start somewhere (learning by doing)! Once there’s a match, you can start the ‘doing’ part. Practice makes perfect; you’ll get better and better in spreading your expertise and passion. Everyone starts at their own level, ambition and comfort zone.  For instance; it’s okay if your maximum number of people in the audience is 10 or if you only want to speak on smaller events.
  • So in short: everyone who wants to share their expertise and passion is welcome.

For instance it’s okay if  you max audience is 10 or you only want to talk on smaller events !

Is there a way to show how experienced I am ?

Good news; we are currently working on a new feature that enables you to show your level of speaking (from beginner to guru). This way, people know what to expect when they contact you. For now, you can write your experience down in your profile or in your showcases.

What are appropriate subjects for talks?
  • Anything you want to talk about: your profession, your passion, your hobby, your live experiences. We believe there’s a speaker in everyone. We’ve all got knowledge and experience worth sharing. That being said, there are some boundaries:
    • Talks and their contents have to be legal in the broadest sense of the word. When in doubt, don’t do it. When we doubt, we’ll suspend it or even delete it.
    • Speakerton is the home of speakers and a home should be a warm, friendly place. We reserve the right to suspend any profile that, in our view, harms that principle.
Is Speakerton free?
  • Yes, anyone can join Speakerton for free. We firmly believe in open culture, transparency and sharing knowledge.

Will it always be free ?

  • Yes and it will always be free. We’re exploring thoughts on how to cover some of the costs, but that’s all in the future (Q1 2019). For now, we’re focussing on launching a great product that does its job; connecting speakers and organizers.
Are the showcases free ?
  • Some of them are, some of them aren’t. Speakerton leaves the choice to offer the product free of charge to the speaker.
Will Speakerton get new features
  • Yes, the main focus will be on the profiles and showcases of the speakers accounts. These will undergo a lot of changes this year. We’ll add several new features this year as well. Want to know what will be new in the upcoming months ? Go to the news and update page
Will Speakerton have tools for talk organizers?
  • Yes, we’re working on creating features for talk/event organizers as well. Keep in mind though, our primary focus is to make it a home for speakers.
Will Speakerton play a role in negotiation or pricing?
  • No, that’s entirely between you and the organizer. Speakerton’s role is bringing speakers in contact with those looking for a speaker. Beyond that, Speakerton plays no part.