About us

Speakerton brings public speakers, professionals and event organizers together. Its online platform gives speakers the opportunity to manage their portfolio and organizers to find an authentic speaker for their events.

Speakerton is unique because it focusses on knowledge and passion instead of persons or names. Speakerton enables you to search directly for products and services the speakers provide. This creates the opportunity for you to make your event more unique, authentic and better tweaked to your audiences. Let the story find an audience for the speaker.

Find people who tell their stories via talks, workshops, courses, training, keynotes or simulations for your meetup, (corporate) events or conferences on Speakerton.com. When a speaker gets more renown, you can broaden your network, get more exposure, get in contact with people who create and host events and most off all; find an audience for your story. Speakerton enables you to share your knowledge, motivate, inspire and energize other people.


“Your knowledge and passion is unfindable.”

When I visited and organized events, conferences, seminars, and meetups I noticed something. When I organized an event, it was mostly filled with people from my own network and friends. Even though they have good stories that I enjoy, the speakers and participants were ‘the usual suspects’ in most occasions. I really wanted to get in contact with other people who like to share knowledge, start new discussions and inspire others and hear their side of the story. I wanted to both grow my network and on the other side, get more exposure for my own topics so I could speak during other events as well. This is why I started searching for online platforms where you can find public speakers. Much to my surprise, there were none to be found matching my expectations. All platforms focus on people who are full time professional public speakers. I wanted to find the people from the “work floor”; the specialists, managers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, domain experts and fanatics. Experts that don’t have a full-time public speaker job, but a job in the field, domain or work floor. Why are these experts so hard to find and why it is so difficult to find speakers outside my network?

Here are a few theories;

Speaking isn’t a main profession for most people. Most people have a profession or passion, which they keep busy with, and occasionally may speak about.

Thereafter: most speakers don’t market themselves as speakers. They don’t see themselves as being ‘a speaker’. They’re a manager, a specialist, an entrepreneur or a keen hobbyist.

If you don’t see speaking as your core-business, you will probably not market yourself actively for talks and other speaking gigs. You’re ‘unfindable’ as a speaker! Most importantly; your knowledge and passion is unfindable.

Based on these findings, the idea for Speakerton was born. Speakerton is the platform for anyone wishing to put their stories, passion, expertise and professions ‘out there’ . Undistracted by ‘big names’, you can search for showcases or knowledge and get in contact with people who will take your event to the next level.

Kind regards,

Jos Punter