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    3-Days Hands-On Web Security Testing Workshop

    Rahul Verma

    publicQuality & IT
    €1750,- pp

    This is a hands-on, deep dive, from-the-ground-up workshop on the subject of web security testing. It starts right from the foundations of security with focus on web and delves into exploring various OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities with exercises in a controlled environment. It deals with web security in its raw details from offensive as well as defensive perspective. Rather than cramming a list, it gives a solid foundation to the participants to get started in the amazing field of web security testing.

    This 3-day workshop has been specifically designed for someone with none to basic knowledge of web security testing. Testers and Developers who want to explore web security testing from offensive perspective rather than defensive are the target audience for this workshop.

    Unlike many other workshops out there, the workshop gives a string focus on how to carry out web security testing in the context of an organisation in addition to being an individual white-hat web hacker.

  • Rahul Verma

    2-Days Workshop: The Joy of Python For Testers

    Rahul Verma

    publicQuality & IT
    €1145,- pp

    Python is a powerful, approachable, multi-faceted, batteries-included programming language which can very well be the language of choice for various forms of testing. I've coded in various programming languages, however Python turned out to be my language of choice over the last 15 years. It's sheer joy to code in Python because of its intuitiveness, clear syntax and amazing built-in and third party libraries for testing and beyond.

    In testing, you can use Python for various forms of test automation. Apart from test automation, there are various other testing activities which can benefit from Python based automation.

    It is a hands-on tutorial. No slides. Only code. Learn by doing.

    This course will be structured in 4 sections:
    1. Fast track Python and coded tests in Python.
    2. Python for File processing and controlling other processes.
    3. Python for Web UI automation using Selenium
    4. Python for Web Services Automation

    At the end of the tutorial, I'd give lots and lots of "Where do I go from here?" style references for a wide range of contexts.

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