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  • Get rid of Boring Retrospectives

    Get rid of Boring Retrospectives

    Elad Sofer

    publicAgile & Lean
    Price on enquiry

    Retrospectives can become tedious and boring after a while, u need to bring in some diversity in all kind of forms.
    But it also handy that we know why we retrospect and are able to explain that to others so every one is on the same page.

    In this training you will be tought about:
    - Finding the perfect learning rate (getting out of the comfort zone)
    - How to gather data, generate insight and decide what to do and act upon this new information gained during a retro
    - Know how to Timebox
    - How a coach can help to improve the team
    - and much more....

    The training is highly interactive, the attendees will be put to work !

    The trainer is a very skilled and experienced agile coach and certified LeSS trainer. He will bring a lot of hands on experiences and examples.

  • Scrum master Basic

    Scrum master Basic

    Elad Sofer

    publicAgile & Lean
    Price on enquiry

    All the basics you need to know to start as a scrum master.

    Get to know:
    What did we thought would work and actually know what works and all about being an agile minded organisation.

    What is the agile manifesto
    - get to know the values
    - get to know the principles
    - get to know the mindset

    The origin of scrum, where did it come from ?
    - what are the main idea's from scrum
    - How does the framework look like
    - All about the roles, ceremonies and artifacts

    How do you work together with your product owner ?
    How do you manage stakeholders ?
    How do you protect the team and solve or handle impediments?
    How do i get a good functioning team ?
    How to product backlog managemnt ?
    How to coach ?

    Just some of the topics whe are going to experience, discuss, explain and share knowledge about.

    The trainer is a very skilled and experienced agile coach, scrum master and LeSS trainer. He will bring a lot of hands on experiences and examples.

  • Webinar: Descaling Agile (LeSS)

    Webinar: Descaling Agile (LeSS)

    Elad Sofer

    publicAgile & Lean
    Price on enquiry

    Just some questions:

    Want to know how you can apply agile in your big and complex orginastion ?
    Want to know what large-scale Agile is ?
    Are you ready to hear the truth about Agile and Scrum ?
    How we can simplify the unnecessarily big and complex organizational design and be agile rather than do Agile ?

    Yes ?

    Then join me for the webinar on Agile at Scale with LeSS and on the Scrum Master Role.

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